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Helping you to find your ideal beach house

If you want a great holiday, you first need to make a great choice.

With over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, we can guide and advise you to do just that, helping you to find your next holiday home or choose from the many seaside apartments available along the Romagna Riviera.

Here to help you from January to December, 365 days a year

For short or longer business trips, for exhibitions and conferences, for short bank holiday getaways and, of course, for breaks and summer holidays... we're always here for you!

How can you choose the right solution for you and your family quickly and without paying extra for the middleman? By placing your trust in a trustworthy friend: Relax Case & Vacanze! 


If you're looking for a holiday home, residential hotel or apartment along the Romagna Riviera, from Rimini to Riccione, then let a new travel companion help you.
We’ll support you in every phase, listening to your needs and HELPING YOU THROUGHOUT YOUR STAY. 

Book with us and you’ll not only get the best value for money, but you’ll also get an instant taste of the fun and relaxation that await you on the Romagna Riviera, WORRY FREE!

Beware of scams: go for the safe option

Unfortunately, if you're not a local and don’t know how things work, you can risk getting your fingers burnt, to say the least! For something as important as your next holiday, don’t take any risks and make sure you book in a transparent and safe way. Our several decades of experience speak for themselves!

Find out how to protect yourself from online scams and why you should choose us!


" The staff was friendly as always. Rooms clean. We'll be back ""
Lubo - Austria | Villa Azzurra Riccione