Protect yourself from scams!

Choose transparency, read how to protect yourself from “deals” that seem a bit fishy!

Choosing a holiday home or a cottage for your holiday on the Adriatic Riviera means having a lot of extras: the width of an apartment rather than just a hotel room, a schedule-less and custom accommodation… these are obviously just two examples, but on the other side you must consider the possible tricks… It is a fact that Internet is full of fake ads and scams leading (in the best scenery) to low-level accommodation and services, totally different from those booked.

Furthermore, it often happens that these ads shape up to be real scams and that, after having paid a deposit to secure the booking, the Guests arrives to their holiday home just to find out that the apartment does not even exist.


This is unfortunately quite a common circumstance all over Italy, and it obviously catches on even more during the Summertime. The scam system is nowadays clear: an advertisement with beautiful pics of an existing holiday home (which, as a matter of fact, is not under the vendor’s right of enjoyment of property), extremely and almost unreal cheap prices, low professionalism by the vendor, “unusual” payment methods.

How to prevent being fooled? Rely on the professionalism of our vacation rental agency, with over 30 years of experience!

The Relax Case & Vacanze is directly managing all of its properties and, in addition to providing the best possible solution at the most convenient price, is an established and well-known brand, offering all the warranties that any Guest needs when booking a holiday.

The direct Management allow us reducing the travel agencies commission costs and providing always the best available rate, top of the notch service and custom offers.

Attention must be held up, though… Choose full transparency and be careful on how to protect yourself from scam!

Hereby a few useful advises spread by the Carabinieri Corp in Riccione in the last years:

1. Distrust any extremely convenient offers (exceptionally low prices and stunningly beautiful pictures). Nobody gives anything for free, not even on the Internet;

2. Avoid, if requested, to pay the deposit via international money transfer or crediting any pre-paid credit cards. The payment must be done via those payment networks who guarantee efficiency in case of trouble, such as “Paypal”;

3. Remember that receiving a contract/agreement is not a warranty of the vendor’s reliableness: these papers are often just a fake, simply a copy of other scams filled with data extorted from other unaware consumers;

4. Verify the reliability of the website where you found the offer, simply by having a look at their feedbacks… Still, keep in mind that, sometimes, scams can be made on proved reliable websites, too;

5. Do not fully prepay the reservation, but rather ask for a site inspection (even made by a friend or a relative). On spot you will be able to check the vendor’s right of enjoyment of property;

6. Ask the vendor to provide all his/her data, including any verified phone numbers;

7. Do not disclose any personal or bank data, unless strictly necessary to the perfection of the accommodation contract;

8. Receiving an agreement or a contract is not a sign of accuracy, as it could be a false draft with made-up names and data, with the pursuit to purloin the user’s trust;

9. Verify that the agreement/contract offered does not include any restrictive clauses that may “implicate at the expense of the consumer a significant imbalance of rights and legal obligations originated from the contract” (art. 1469-bis of the Italian Civil Code);

10. Copy and paste the first two lines of the “suspect” advertisement on If, with the same pics and/or text you find other holiday-homes or accommodation, then it is likely that the advertisement could be a scam… Be careful and use any preventative measures!

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